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Lawn Program - Delicious Food

Lawn Program

Lawn Program

Noche de Asado

Noche de Asado - BBQ


Lawn Program
The yearly Lawn program is held in July. The Independence Day for Argentina is on July 9th.

The entertainment for this occasion is provided by some professional Tango and Folklore dancers. They show that Tango dancing is not just a social form of dance, but an art that requires talent and training.  Talented members of the house contribute to the fun by displaying their folklore dancing and playing music on the piano, guitar and flute.

The Queens Organization adds to the festivities by singing and dancing.

Foods served
For the Lawn Program, the Ethnic Food Fair and the December Holidays you will find Italian Sausage Sandwiches, Empanadas (meat, onion and eggs in a turnover), Flan, cookies and cakes.  Lemonade is served as a cool refreshment.

Dinner Social
Once a month a Dinner Social is programmed in the Hall of Nations.  The time is from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, besides dinner they will show Argentinean movies.

Usually on those dinner socials they serve typical Argentinean food such as Locro, Empanadas, Asado, Mate, Wines, Flan and Alfajores.

Christmas Party
In December there is a Christmas Party for the entire families. Time and place vary and are announced in advance. Special traditional holiday foods are served. The Queens and Princesses dance and sing with the children.

Movie Night - Herencia   FUN TIME EVENTS

Every year several family picnics are planned.  Mission Bay is the most popular spot.

There will be games of soccer, volleyball, “bochas” and other fun sports.

Argentinean films are shown often in the Hall of Nations for those who are interested in their films.  Dates can be obtained from the web-site.

large product photo   CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS

Dance classes for children and adults, to learn the art of the beautiful Argentinean

Folklore dancing are held every time there is a meeting for dinner or a picnic.

large product photo

Dancing the Tango


The name Argentina comes from the Latin word “argentum” which means silver.

The European influences are evident in Argentina’s art, architecture, literature and lifestyle. Yet it has managed to retain a unique identity of its own.

Meat is a dominant feature on Argentina’s menus.

The best known and most popular culture is the tango.  The dance as well as the rhythmic music has captured the imagination of dancers worldwide.

Argentina is the world’s eighth largest country. 

The Andes Mountains mark Argentina’s western border with Chile.  Aconcagua is the highest peak of the Andes it is 22,834 feet above sea level. 

Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost tip of South America, and the southernmost place in the world.  It is the gateway to Antarctica and a popular place for fishing and watching wildlife.

House of Argentina in Balboa Park   FUTURE PLANS

The House of Argentina would like to work together with other cottages to form groups for dancing, singing and dining.

They would like to share their culture and give information about their country to the San Diego Community.

For the latest up-dates, please visit the web-site : www.houseofargentina.com

CIA - The World Factbook - Argentina   COUNTRY INFORMATION

Land Area: 1,068.302 sq. miles
Population:  36,568.000
Capital City: Buenos Aires
Language:  official language is Spanish, plus Italian, English and German
Religion:  Roman Catholic, Apostolic
Form of Government: Democratic Republic
Economy: Food processing, consumer products, textiles, wheat, corn and livestock.   
Export: meat, wheat, corn oilseed and fuel.


Source: The World Factbook - Argentina



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