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House of Turkey
Founded: 2004

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The mission of House of Turkey is to promote the universal awareness of the diversity and richness of the Turkish culture, country and people. Through cultural activities and social events, we will work to promote better understanding of the Turkish way of life, its democratic policies and peaceful choice on global decisions.


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Group Anatolia Shows:
Anyone who is interested in learning or singing popular Turkish classical and folk songs would find this group very entertaining.  They will be training once a month. Children will also have a group to learn children’s songs. Turkey is also very rich and colorful when it comes to folk dances and costumes.  Interested people will be learning folk dances from different parts of Turkey as well as their regional costumes and stories behind them.

Turkish Movie Nights:
Classical and new releases will be shown with English subtitles in their future house. There will be minimal fees or donations for these activities to pay for necessary supplies.

Enjoying Turkish culture   CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS

Turkish School:
The school aims to bring Turkish pre-school and school children together to teach Turkish as well as our traditions, history, geography, and culture. It also brings a lot of Turkish friends and adults together so that they can communicate better with their Turkish spouses, significant others, and friends. ATA-SC San Diego is the proud founder and sponsor of this project.

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Temple of ArtemisTemple now

Mausoleum at HalicarnassusMausoleum now

Sirkeci Train Station


Did you know… 10 Facts about Turkey
1. The oldest known human settlement is in Catalhoyuk, Turkey (7th Millenium B.C.)

2. The famous Trojan Wars took place in Western Turkey, Truva town where the Trojan horse rests today.

 3. The first church built by man (St. Peter’s Church) is in Antioch (Antakya), Turkey.

 4. Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents, Asia and Europe.

5. Two of the Seven Wonders of the World stood in Anatolia: the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. [Before & now]

 6. St. Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, was born in Demre, on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast.

7. According to the legend, Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi) in Eastern Turkey.

 8. The last meal on Noah’s Ark, a pudding of sweet and sour taste, “asure”, is still served throughout Turkey.

9. Turks introduced coffee to Europe.

10. Istanbul has the historical building of Sirkeci Train Station. This was the last stop of the Orient Express - "kings of trains and train of kings" - between Paris and Constantinople (Istanbul) from 1883 to 1977. Agatha Christie was one of the passengers of this famous train.


Soon to be housed in our own “cottage” which will serve as a meeting place, House of Turkey will help foster better understanding of Turkish culture, values and history, and it will strengthen social bonds between nations.

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Land Area: 780,580 sq km                     
Population:  71,158,647 (July 2007 est.)
Capital City: Ankara (largest city is Istanbul with +10 Million Population)                    
Language:  Turkish (official)
Religion:  Muslim 99.8% (mostly Sunni), other 0.2% (mostly Christians and Jews)
Form of Government: republican parliamentary democracy
Economy:Turkey's dynamic economy is a complex mix of modern industry and commerce along with a traditional agriculture sector that still accounts for more than 35% of employment. It has a strong and rapidly growing private sector, yet the state still plays a major role in basic industry, banking, transport, and communication. The largest industrial sector is textiles and clothing, which accounts for one-third of industrial employment; it faces stiff competition in international markets with the end of the global quota system. However, other sectors, notably the automotive and electronics industries, are rising in importance within Turkey's export mix.
Export: apparel, foodstuffs, textiles, metal manufactures, transport equipment

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Source: The World Factbook - Turkey





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