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BALBOA PARK'S CULTURAL COTTAGES     A message from our President

As the President of the House of Pacific Relations, I hope to preserve the organization’s non-political, non-sectarian nature. For the past 80 years, the City of San Diego has fostered a near utopian multicultural organization known as the House of Pacific Relations (HPR). According to its bylaws, “The purpose of the House of Pacific Relations, International Cottages and its members is to create a spirit of understanding, tolerance and goodwill among the various national and ethnic groups represented in the community.” The bylaws go on to say that, the HPR will present programs of an educational, civic, cultural, and artistic nature to create a greater appreciation of the cultural heritage of the diverse national or ethnic groups among the membership of the HPR. Over the years, the HPR has become a bastion of peace, hope and tolerance to me and to thousands of other San Diegans while the rest of the world has been embroiled in conflict and mutual distrust. Unlike many other organizations, no group that meets the criteria set forth is excluded from membership. As is our lady justice, we are blind to race, creed, color, religion, national origin and political affiliation.

Our esteemed organization was conceived during the darkest days leading up to World War II as a way to foster pacific (as in “peaceful”) relations among the many splintered ethnic groups during the 1930s. These groups included members of cultures from the Axis and Allies who were bitter enemies. Despite the hostility between the nations before, during and after the war, these cottages were able to peacefully coexist as non-political and non-sectarian cultural organizations. Coexisting in this manner in a small corner of the park, volunteering side by side, they shared their cultures -- music, dance, art, and food -- with each other and the community at large thereby increasing tolerance mutual trust and respect within and without the organization.

The message is the same today as it was in 1935. The HPR has grown over the years increasing from about 15 to the 33 different cultures that are represented today. Over the years, various Houses have formed and disbanded. Nonetheless, each has been able to share and learn with each other, leaving behind the political differences of their cultural heritages. With this mission of creating cultural understanding, we welcome cultural groups that spring from war-torn and strife-ridden corners of the globe as well as those from more peaceful areas.

Recently, there has been some criticism in the community of the fact that some “Houses” are not actual countries. This is understandable as many people equate a culture with a political entity, but it unfortunately misses the point. The “Houses” have no affiliation with the countries or regions for which they are named. They represent not the political entities, but their cultures. All are welcome in the HPR so long as they abide by our bylaws.

As an example, the HPR is currently celebrating its newest member, House of Korea. In order to become a member House, the House of Korea went through a rigorous process. Prior to applying for membership the group had to be organized as a non-political, non-sectarian, not for profit group for at least 6 months and their bylaws had to comply with the bylaws and rules the HPR is governed by. The House was then on probationary status for one year, before it became our newest member House. This is the same process all of our current and former member Houses have followed.

This year we are hoping to break ground on nine cottages. This will mean that nine Houses that are already members of the HPR will be able to build cottages and get a physical presence in the park. Each member House had an opportunity to participate in the effort to convince the City of San Diego to allow new cottages to be built, to raise the funds to build the new cottages, and to bring their collective dream to fruition. Since there are no public or taxpayer funds being spent on the houses, some of our Houses decided that their membership was too low to try to make such a large investment. The nine latest Houses to construct Cottages will spend hundreds of thousands of their own money to help continue this 80-year tradition for the next generation.

Let us stand united on the principles upon which this organization is built, “understanding, tolerance and goodwill among the various national and ethnic groups represented in the community,” and reject the expedience of politics. Let each House and Cottage be enjoyed for its contributions to the organization and to cultural diversity. Please join us any Sunday in the park to enjoy the music, taste the food, see the dancers, and experience the cultural diversity, harmony and cooperation that is the HPR.

Eugenie A. King
President House of Pacific Relations.


The House of Pacific Relations (HPR), founded in 1935, is a not-for-profit community organization dedicated to furthering cooperation and understanding between national groups in the United States.

HPR consists of 33 national groups, many of which have their own small cottage in San Diego’s Balboa Park. These cottages, furnished and staffed by group members, offer visitors a delightful window into each country’s culture, history and traditions. The cottages are open to the public every Saturday and Sunday afternoon between Noon and 5:00 PM. Refreshments are served and donations are welcomed to defray costs.

On Sunday afternoons between March and mid-November, Lawn Programs and other Special Events are held on the outdoor stage in the cottage area for one hour beginning at 2:00 PM. Each national group has its own Lawn Program featuring the songs and dances of that nation.

Twice a year, HPR sponsors major festivals. The Ethnic Food Fair, held on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, features food, drink and entertainment from all of our national groups. The cottages also hold our International Christmas Festival as our participation in Balboa Park December Nights, the first Friday and Saturday nights of December, with food and festivities inspired by winter holidays from around the world.

The Hall of Nations adjoins the cottage area and features exhibits of national groups. The Hall is open on Sundays between Noon-5:00 PM and is hosted, on a rotating basis (see schedule), by cultural groups that do not have a cottage of their own. The Hall of Nations is also available for rental by outside groups (see here).

In addition, many of the cottages are open from 11:00 AM-3:00 PM on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Call for information.

HPR sponsors a Ladies Auxiliary for HPR members and their guests that meets on the second Wednesday of most months.

HPR also sponsors a cultural and educational service organization for young members of the Houses. The HPR Queens Organization fosters a spirit of understanding, tolerance and goodwill between all races and nationalities, and prepares its members to be adult members of their Houses. The Queens act as "goodwill ambassadors" of HPR and present the music and dance of various ethnic groups at events throughout San Diego County.

HPR also supports the school system by opening when they schedule field trips to the cottages. Schedule to bring your class to the cottages. We also participate in school fairs, etc. Please send an email to fweekle@cox.net to make arrangements for these events.

Please visit us soon! For more information, call (619) 234-0739 or email info@sdhpr.org.

Co-sponsored by: City of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation.


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House of Pacific Relations

House of Pacific Relations

Vision Statement

The House of Pacific Relations is the largest multicultural organization in the United States. Peace, goodwill, and understanding exemplify the thirty-three Nations and ethnicities that are represented in Balboa Park in the heart of America's Finest City, San Diego.

Our dream is to show the world our various cultures and to showcase the HPR as a world leader in
peaceful coexistence.

Spread the news about our website www.sdhpr.org and experience the enthusiasm that our members enjoy.

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