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I would like to express a big “Thank You” to all the Presidents and Board Members of each and every cottage who took the time and furnished us with a lot of information and pictures.  Without your help we could have never known of all the interesting activities that are going on in your houses.

This web-book is full of beautiful pictures, to show the authentic costumes of each Nationality and their cottages in Balboa Park.  Irmgard Blauser furnish us with many pictures. A lot of pictures came from the websites as well as people from the different houses. Dr. Aileen Alvarado-Swaisgood spent endless hours working on the beautiful website and integrating the materials for the "International Journey" as part of the HPR website.

Thanks to all who contributed to this project.

Marie-Luise Sczyrbowski
House of Germany
December 2007


House of Pacific Relations Publicity Committee

Hannu Mikkonen - Chair 2007, HPR President 2008-09, House of Finland
Meenakshi Jain - Chair 2008, House of India

Dr. Aileen Alvarado-Swaisgood - HPR Website Project, House of Puerto Rico
Shanti Hofshi - HPR Webmaster, House of Ireland
Carol Kerr - HPR Brochure Design, House of Sweden




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